ICMAME 2023 Conference Proceedings

Proceedings book (ISBN Number: 978-625-00-1526-1)

Table of Content
17 Solving Material Transportation Problems in Cracked-Porous Environments Marks Matyakubov, Oybek Aliyev, Guzal Khujaniyazova
32 Optimal Tuning of PID Controller for Boost Converter using Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Renewable Energy Applications Muhammad Hamza Zafar, Majad Mansoor, Noman Mujeeb Khan, Filippo Sanfilippo
50 Harnessing New Clean Energy Induced by Electromagnetic Resonance Osamu Ide
51 Swarm of Nanobots in Medical Applications, A Future Horizon Ali Moltajaei Farid, Malek Mouhoub
110 Stress and Buckling Analysis of Multilayered Composite Plates with Different Cut-Outs using Finite Element Method Farid Mahbouni Nasrekani, Aniket Raj, Manav Kumar
112 Scenario-Based Parameter Boundary Reduction Approach for Highly Automated Driving Vehicles Marzana Khatun, Heinrich Litagin, Rolf Jung, Michael Glaß
113 An Intrusion Anomaly Detection Approach to Mitigate Sensor Attacks on Mechatronics Systems Wasswa Shafik, S. Majtaba Matinkhah, Kassim Kalinaki
120 AI-Based Self-Sufficient System for Optimizing Gardening Conditions Dina Alshaibi, Hind Alrashed, Marwah Bakoor, Thangam Palaniswamy
125 Effect of Vapor Quality and Pressure Drop on the Performance of CO2 Trans-Critical Air Conditioning Cycle with Porous Evaporator Mohammad Tarawneh
137 Bearing Fault Detection Scheme Using Machine Learning for Condition Monitoring Applications Ali Saad, Ali Usman, Saad Arif, Marcus Liwicki, Andreas Almqvist
146 Development of Mechanical Engineers Skills for an Emerging Electric Vehicles Industry Mohamed Rady, Mohamed Darwish, Maysam Abbod, Eydhah Almatrafi, Chun Sing Lai
148 Modeling Footprint Profiles for Different Drop-Substrate Pairs Elaf N. Mahrous
163 Study on Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene/CNT Nanocomposites: Experimental, FEM and MD R.T. Tebeta, D.M. Madyira, A.M. Fattahi, H.M. Ngwangwa
176 Experimental Investigation of The Elastic Properties of PE/CNT Nanocomposites R.T. Tebeta, A.M. Fattahi, D.M. Madyira, H.M. Ngwangwa
183 Design and Modelling of Shaker Table for Harmonic Response Analysis of PV Module Chaitanya V. Bhore, Atul B. Andhare, Pramod M. Padole
186 Experimental and Theoretical Study on The Impact Strength and Hardness Properties of HDPE/SWCNTs Nanocomposites R.T.Tebeta, D.M. Madyira, A.M. Fatthi, H.M. Ngwangwa
189 Personalization of AI-based Distance to Empty Prediction Model Kihyung Joo, Lina Kim
191 CFD Effect of Propellers Interference on the Thrust Variation in the Proximity of Fixed and Horizontal Moving Obstacle Charbel Hage, Tonino Sophy, El-Hassane Aglzim
192 Plastic Deformation Analysis of a Heat Treated Vibrating Screen Bracket Mathapelo Sekwai, Daniel M. Madyira, Gert A. Oosthuizen
194 Plasticity Deformation Models for Plates & Beams-A Review Mathapelo Sekwai, Daniel M. Madyira, Gert A. Oosthuizen
196 Simplified Equations for Natural Frequencies of Pipes on Elastic Foundation Conveying Gases Saher Attia, Magdi Mohareb, Michael Martens, Samer Adeeb
208 A Numerical Study of Stent Expansion Joompon Bamrungwong, Nakarin Siangphor, Weerasak Ussawawongaraya
216 PID Parameter Tables after ITAE to Control Overshooting Systems Found with AI Algorithm Büchi, Roland
217 Honeycomb Type Tubeless Pneumatic Wheel Design E. D. Daleman Amaya, T. A. Nuncira Gacharna, J. J. Avila Pallares, M. A. Pulido, R. D. Lozano Quecan, A. A. Cubillos Cuadros, S. López Miranda, S. A. Arias Novoa, M. E. Lambertinez Rivera, Y. J. Fonseca Rojas, A. Moreno Ardila, D. C. Acosta Cifuentes, F. E. Navia Forero
226 State of Charge Estimation of Li-ion battery for BMS Application: A Comparative Study Prashant, Rupesh Kumar Nirala, Sailaja Kumari M
242 Study on the Influence of Engine Stack Length on the Efficiency of A Heat-driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Irna Farikhah, Akbar Muslim, Aan Burhanuddin, Agus Mukhtar, Maroua Ben Nasr, Ahmad Nadhif Masruri
243 Semantic Image Inpainting with Generative Adversarial Models and Skip Connections Nikita Sharma, Anuraj Singh
251 A Novel Approach to Generate Dataset for Object Detection in Assembly Lines Ramesh Kaki, Samarth Soni, Sandip Deshmukh, Tathagata Ray, Chandu Parimi
253 UAV’s Enhanced Data Collection for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Kamel Barka, Lyamine Guezouli, Assem Rezki
254 Jounce Bumper Modelling Using Finite Element Analysis Mohammed Elmahdi Elgack, Haret Hossoon, Omar Ghannam, Hussien Hussien
258 Theoretical Investigation into the Effects of Geometrical and Operating Parameters on the Performance of Solar Chimney Power Plants Essam Ashraf, Mohamed Atef, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Ahmed Osama, Omar Mohsen, Amr Ismaiel, Anas A. Rahman
263 Teaching and Development Project for an eMobility Bachelor Course S.J.C. Koning, T.D. Soons, T.H.J. Ypma, E.D. Zatya, D.C. Zuidervliet, P.J. van Duijsen
264 A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Microalgae Residence time in Flat Panel Photobioreactors Adham M. Elmalky, Mohamad T. Araji
267 Experimental Study on Cool Roof Methods for Two Identical Portable Cabins in the State of Kuwait Ahmad Sedaghat, Hayder Salem, Wisam K. Hussam, Arash Mahdizadeh, Mohamad Iyad Al-Khiami, Mahdi Ashtian Malayer
268 Thermal Management for Zero-Gravity Applications using PCM-based Plate-Fin Heatsink Mohammad Azzam, Mohammad O. Hamdan, Maen Alkhader, Frank Gerner
276 Structural Design of a Heliostat as a Senior Design Project Z. Qutafah, R. Almarri, A. Ashkanani, S. Alsalem, F. Alhaddad, M. Guler
287 Design, Development, and Validation of a Portable and Low-Cost Visible and Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Module Arvind Mukundan, Yu-Ming Tsao, Hsiang-Chen Wang
290 Dynamic Stability Response in Micro-Beams Assuming Porosity Based on Numerical Solution A. Farrokhian, M.S. Zarei, R. Kolahchi
292 Computing of Nano Holes in Piezoelectric Materials Angela Slavova, Ventsislav Ignatov
293 Hydraulic Design, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of an API Overhung Pump Used in the Oil Industry Niloufar Sarabchi, Behzad Karimzad Sharifi, Amir Soroureddin
295 Optimized Fuzzy MRAS-based Sensorless Control of an Electric Vehicle Powertrain Zakaria Sebboua, Kenza Bouhoune, Krim Yazid
303 Impact of Vortex Generator on Gas Turbine Blade Cooling Application Nirmal Halder
324 Electro-Mechanical Sensor System Proposal to Address Automobile Tire Blowouts Gabriel Gurulé, LeJuan Richardson, Jacquelynne Hernández
328 Numerical Investigation of Transition Turbulence Model for Turbine Airfoil at Low Reynolds Number Mohamed Atef, Ahmed El Baz
341 Comparing the Economic and Environmental Compatibility of Battery Electric and Conventional Vehicles in India Amrut P. Bhosale, Sachin A. Mastud, Viraj I. Pasare, Ketaki A. Bhosale, Praveen S. Atigre
342 Control Oriented Model of the Throttle Valve for Pumping Applications Levon Gevorkov, José Luis Domínguez-García
343 An Emulated Platform for Detecting and Size Measuring of Oil Spills Using An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Omer Eldirdiry, Ahmed Al Maashari, Ashraf Saleem, Jawhar Ghommam, Hadj Bourdoucen, Navid NasiriGhazi Al Rawas, Amran Al-Kamzari, Ahmed Ammari
354 3D Printing of High Performance Electrodes for Electrochemical Cell Hosseinali Aghasharif, Mohammad Abu Hasan Khondoker
356 V2X communication Technology Identification Using Residual Neural Networks Amal El Abbaoui, Fouzia Boukour Elbahhar, Rajaa El Assali
368 Parametric Optimization of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys with Newly Developed Tool Arsalan Hussain, Ali Usman, Farhan Ausaf, Samad Ali Taj, Abdel Hamid Ismail Mourad
380 Performance of Alkaline Water Electrolysis Cell in Generating Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture Gas under Atmospheric Pressure Assem Ahmed, Majed Wardeh, Yahya Sheikh, Abdelrahman Emam, Mohammad O. Hamdan
403 Soft Actor Critic Swing Up of a Real Inverted Pendulum on a Cart Raniero Humberto Calderon
407 Electric Vehicle Battery’s State of Charge Estimation Using Extended Kalman filter and Heuristic Search Algorithms Abhay Chhetri, Mayank Saklani, Devender Kumar Saini, Monika Yadav, Yogesh Chandra Gupta
408 Reduction of Antimicrobial Formation on HVAC Water Cooling Towers using Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3) Coating F.R. Almushref, Turky M. Aldossary
411 Static Configurations of Clamped Hybrid Bistable Symmetric Laminates Sara Hijazi, Samir Emam
414 Advanced Modelling of ATF Chromium-Coated Zr-Based Cladding High Temperature Oxidation Alexander Vasiliev
416 An Analysis of the Performance of a Grid-Connected Hybrid Power Generation System Combining Wind and SOFCs, with an Ultracapacitor Storage Unit Santhosha Kumar A, Ramakrishna S S Nuvvula, Hasan Koten, Raghavendra P, Polamarasetty P Kumar
419 Thermophysical Properties of Carbide and Nitride Nanofluids Wagd Ajeeb, S M Sohel Murshed

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