ICMAME 2023 Conference Proceedings

Paper No: 183
Paper Title: Design and modelling of shaker table for harmonic response analysis of PV module

Chaitanya V. Bhore Mechanical Engineering, VNIT-Nagpur, Nagpur, India
Atul B. Andhare Mechanical Engineering, VNIT-Nagpur, Nagpur, India
Pramod M. Padole Mechanical Engineering, VNIT-Nagpur, Nagpur, India

Due to exponential growth in solar photovoltaic technology and power generation, it is common to see solar PV modules mounted on structures subjected to dynamic loading. These dynamic loads such as wind, rain, snow, base excitation, transportation and much more causes vibrations in the PV modules and deteriorate their performance. Among the various dynamic loads, Base Excitation is one of the major cause for induced vibration in PV modules. Vibration amplitude and frequency were preciously recorded at the base/mounting of PV module in the vicinity of Metro Rail. From the vibration reading it was observed that the peak frequency levels fall in 30-80 Hz range. Therefore, for harmonic response analysis of PV module it was necessary to build a shaker table which will provide the required base excitation for analysis. This paper deals with design, modelling, assembly and finite element modal and harmonic analysis of shaker table. Shaker table is divided in basic four parts, 1) base, 2) spring support, 3) electric motor with unbalanced mass and 4) mounting structure for PV module mounting. Variable speed electric motor is attached with a disc with different holes at varying distance from the center of the shaft, so as to provide multiple types of harmonic forces and frequencies. Before manufacturing, modal and harmonic analysis is performed on the shaker table plus PV module assembly in ANSYS to check whether the systems natural frequency comes near to only PV modules modal frequency range. It was observed that the shaker table natural frequencies were not in the range of PV module’s natural frequencies. This study will be useful to provide a basis for designing the clamping and mounting arrangements for the PV modules to retard its performance deterioration due to the induced vibrations.

Keywords: Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), Swarm Intelligence (SI), Renewable Energy (RE), Statistical Analysis

Conference Venue: Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai, Dubai-UAE
Conference Date: 29-30 April 2023

ISBN Number: 978-625-00-1526-1
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