ICMAME 2023 Conference Proceedings

Paper No: 216
Paper Title: PID parameter tables after ITAE to control overshooting systems found with AI algorithm

Büchi, Roland Zurich Univ. of Applied Sciences School of Engineering Winterthur, Switzerland

Embedded controllers are used in many applications. It often happens that these do not offer any possibilities to set the controller parameters, because they are capsulated to outside. The closed-loop systems are then stable, but the systems are often weakly damped and their step responses exhibit overshoot. In the following, a method is described, how such embedded controlled systems can be controlled via a superimposed feedback loop using PID controllers in such a way that the system deviation of the step response is minimized according to the ITAE method. A method from artificial intelligence, hill climbing, is used for this purpose. For the control of such systems, the paper essentially provides PID controller parameters, which are usable for many weakly damped systems. The parameters are verified in a practical application with a speed control of a motor with inertial mass.

Keywords: Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), Swarm Intelligence (SI), Renewable Energy (RE), Statistical Analysis

Conference Venue: Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai, Dubai-UAE
Conference Date: 29-30 April 2023

ISBN Number: 978-625-00-1526-1
DOI Number:

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