ICMAME 2023 Conference Proceedings

Paper No: 290
Paper Title: Dynamic stability response in micro-beams assuming porosity based on numerical solution

A. Farrokhian Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jasb University, Jasb, Iran
M.S. Zarei Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ayatollah Boroujerdi University, Boroujerd, Iran
R. Kolahchi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Duy Tan University, Danang, Vietnam

The dynamic stability response of micro functionally graded materials (FGM) porous beam is studied. The structural damping is expected using Kelvin-Voigt theory. The microbeam is placed on the viscoelastic foundation with spring, shear and damper constants. The size influences are expected based on the couple stress theory with one length scale material factor. The Timoshenko theory for microbeam is employed for the governing final equation on the basis of Hamilton’s principle. The final motion couled equations are attained by differential quadrature method (DQM) for calculating the dynamic stability area. The influences of various components of FG index, porosity, geometric and structural components for the microbeam on the dynamic response of the structure are exposed. It is obvious that with enhancing the porosity value, the dynamic instabillity region (DIR) shifts to higher frequencies.

Keywords: Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), Swarm Intelligence (SI), Renewable Energy (RE), Statistical Analysis

Conference Venue: Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai, Dubai-UAE
Conference Date: 29-30 April 2023

ISBN Number: 978-625-00-1526-1
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